Case Study



Customer Objective

Seeking to connect to a building located across the street from the company’s corporate office. The corporate office housed servers with data critical to workers in the other building.

The Project

The telecommunication manager looked at a variety of options to connect the building utilizing a gigabit Ethernet backbone. These options included the local phone company, a competitive local exchange carrier, and a wireless solution.

The local phone company offered to provide the service at $30,000 per month, whereas the CLEC was not even interested in the project. A wireless solution was not possible due to trees and reliability concerns.
Point to Point Inc. was able to install 24 multimode fibers and copper cabling to handle all data and voice needs. With our service, the customer’s total installation cost was equal to less than four months worth of what the local phone company’s charges would have been. The customer now has the flexibility to scale their network as traffic increases.