What steps are involved in setting up my private network?

     The following is a brief overview of the process:

  1. A Point To Point engineer will meet a representative of your organization to discuss your project.
  2. Within two days, Point To Point will provide you with an initial project cost and annual lease fee.
  3. Point To Point will ask for an initial deposit (usually 10% of the total project cost) to begin a detailed engineering study to finalize costs and methods.
  4. A final cost, service plan, and timeline will be given.
  5. Point To Point will obtain all city and agency permits and begin installation as soon as possible once customer signs agreement and submit a purchase order.
  6. Project will be turned over to customer once all testing is complete.

What is the fee-structure for a typical PTP project?

     Point To Point charges for the installation costs of inside and outside plant-related hardware. In addition, we charge an annual flat fee for the network placed in the public right of way. Installation of underground conduit structure may seem quite expensive, but Point To Point has ways to minimize installation costs. There are many available alternatives that will help cut costs while maximizing the efficiency and reliability of the network. A Point To Point representative can further address these issues.

     Point To Point does not charge for bandwidth usage. So, if a 100 Mb/s segment meets your needs today, your organization will have the flexibility to scale your network to meet future growth without additional service costs from Point To Point.

How long does it usually take to complete a project?

     Due to our excellent working relationship with city public works departments, most projects can be completed within two months. Of course, this depends on scope and complexity of project.